#1 Octagon-wood


There is just something about the octagon gazebo that inspires imagination and encourages an escape to quiet reverie. With its additional layer of detail above the braces the #1 Octagon is a charming addition to your backyard.

Standard Features

  • Sizes 8’, 10’, 12’ pre-assembled
  • Sizes 14’, 16’ 18’ and 20’ kit assembly
  • Option to clear stain or paint white
  • Handcrafted from CA Natural Select (Arsenic-Free) pressure-treated southern yellow pine
  • Kiln-drying before and after pressure treating
  • #1 24” cedar shakes or architectural shingle
  • Planed and shaped for smooth surfaces and finished edges
  • Stainless steel screws in weather-exposed areas
  • Parquet-type floor
  • Matching Cupola